to unique dresses from the stylish Seventies.

The next most important thing to consider is your hair. Long or short, whether you want it pinned or loose around your shoulders – you have to get it right. The day you get married is not the day to have bad hair!
There are several very clever hairdressers out there styling vintage hair to perfection.
Nina's Hair Parlour is dedicated to exotic, theatrical and glamorous hairstyles. They are the first specialist in vintage and retro hair and beauty in the UK.
They also stock a number of handpicked, rare and original period hats from the 1930s to the 1960s, as well as extravagant and unique hair accessories.

Now let's think flowers. You've got to consider the bouquet – whether you end up throwing it over your shoulder to your female guests or keeping it for yourself, an informal bouquet of seasonal flowers is a lovely way to make the perfect vintage statement. The Vintage Flower House specialise in elegant and eye catching bouquets to suit any wedding.
Our top tip is a loose bunch of vintage-style tea roses; old dutch roses and green thistle; or white hydrangea, roses and bouvardia. They will all look (and smell!) beautiful as you walk down the aisle.
And don't forget the table displays – why not have herb-scented loose bundles of wild flowers, popped into huge enamel jugs or pretty vintage tea pots? Very shabby chic.

The perfect vintage wedding – our ten tips to feel unique on your wedding day
Everyone wants to feel special on their big day. It's the moment we've been dreaming of – so who would choose to feel average?
The easiest way to inject a lot of glamour into your wedding is to go vintage. Forget the usual meringue dress and predictable wedding bouquet – if you want to look and feel incredible on your big day then follow Pretty Vintage's ten easy tips to the perfect vintage wedding: 

Your wedding dress is the most important item of clothing you will ever wear – it's a way to express who you are and what you value.
So show off your individuality and your vintage passion with a unique garment that can't be bought off the rails of any big department store.
There are wonderful companies out there offering exquisite and unique vintage dresses. The Vintage Wedding Dress Company is one of them. It has to be experienced to be believed – there's every beautiful and off-beat styles you could dream of. Their vintage collection ranges from original designs from 1900