We all love to be individual. So no wonder 'vintage' is so incredibly popular right now – it allows us to find something unique that can't be picked up by anyone else on the High Street.

Of course, buying something brand new feels great – but finding a one-off vintage piece that's packed full of elegance, history and character is completely addictive.

But alas, we have to think about our bank balances and the environment.

That's why recycling and reusing vintage items is such a hit at the moment. Instead of spending money buying something new (that has quite probably been mass-produced in a factory in China), you can unleash you're unique style and save some pennies and pounds by looking online and hiring your vintage pieces instead. (Unless, of course, you're lucky enough to have a pristine collection of elegant bone china passed down the generations to you...)

Whether it's quality vintage linen or art deco style vintage crockery, or even a decadent 1950s vintage tea set, you can easily borrow for a day (or more) something that no one else will be able to buy.

Whether you want pretty vintage items for a wedding, a party, a hen night or a christening, by hiring the pieces you need, you make the most of your money, time and space. (Another bonus is that you'll have more space and less clutter in your cupboards!)

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