The fact is that we love to find something new and then flog it to death in the public arena and this vintage trend is no exception..  We tire of it and look for something new to inspire us and that’s just the way it will always be.   But in terms of weddings people want beauty, elegance and individuality and I don’t think this will ever change.  For me and it seems many others,  the delicacy of a 1920’s china teacup won’t ever lose it’s appeal because it is a thing of beauty, and if you love that sort of thing then it’s not going to change because a wedding magazine says something different. 

I happen to be very much in love with old things which is why I set up my company and that will never change.  I’m not planning to alter what I do to fit in with a new ‘trend’.  If people stop wanting vintage crockery at their weddings then I shall stop supplying it, but at the moment that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case! 

There are lovely subtle things that you can do at your wedding which don’t scream ‘slave to vintage’ but show attention to detail and express your personality. 



What do we mean by a vintage wedding?  If a bride chooses a vintage dress or loves bunting and champagne saucers  is she having a vintage wedding?  Many of my customers just want some vintage details which mix in beautifully with a more contemporary wedding and what most of my brides are really looking for is something personal and individual.  Weddings used to be very formulaic and I think couples were nervous of straying from the path.  It seems that people are becoming braver about expressing themselves in unique and personal ways on their wedding day and vintage has fallen in with this trend.  I totally celebrate the non-conformist wedding and perhaps that is really what we mean by vintage.  It’s an expression of individuality and personality rather than somebody elses idea of a perfect wedding. 

 Having said that, I do think that the term’ vintage’ is driving everyone crazy  (including me) and of course the band wagon has been well and truly jumped upon across the board.  Jo Malone used hundreds of my mismatched vintage teacups for their window displays across the country last year and Joules just used Pretty Vintage deck chairs for a vintage inspired photoshoot.